Small World

What happened?this isn’t the world I came in towhen I was bornand gradually grewthe world was…it was betterwasn’t it?or is the world just betterthrough an innocent eyean ignorant eyean untainted eye?the sort of visionwhere the world extendsonly as far as you can seeto the end of your streetyour garden, your roomand you just don’t knowhow … More Small World

Ghost Follow

I see you and yourautomated followrobotic liker phantomfills an instant hollowthe notification markthe red dot on the bellnot accompanied witha visitor stat to tellit made me look at my postto see if it was likedand it was just you ghostfollow back? no, take a hike Written in response to the Like and Follow that appeared … More Ghost Follow

Real Views

Reading the papersand watching the newsit’s all so scaryit gives me the bluesbut I have a solutionthat I often useget out in the countrysideenjoy its real views 

Momentary Touch

This is a question I often ask myself how I find the calm balance point? the fulcrum between rage and apathy when there’s shit all over the joint? and I think the valid method to deal with the crap, virus, injustice, plutocrats is to remind ourselves we’re all going to die and the planet will … More Momentary Touch

A Lack of Visuals

Typical. WordPress appear to have put a lot of effort into the modernising of their new Gutenburg block editor’s capabilities. They are also hinting that there is more to come and that, whereas modern internet browsers can handle so much more functionality than they ever have before, their old standard editor couldn’t keep up. So … More A Lack of Visuals

My Wife is Annoyed

My wife is annoyed because I have annoyed her. I annoyed her because I told her how annoying she is being. I might also have compared her to the worst of humanity, which is probably the bit she was most annoyed about. I can’t help having to explain things with cold hard pragmatism and logic, … More My Wife is Annoyed